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Cycling from Delft to Meppel via Amsterdam (NL)

July 2002
Cycling for a few days

Cycling along the typical dutch fields of flowers. This is somewhere north of Leiden.
"Het Begijnhof", a nice quiet and historic place in the center of Amsterdam. More information can be found here.
Unfortunately the sight of bikes which are missing a wheel isn't rare in Amsterdam.

The "Magere Brug" or "Skinny Bridge" is a well known double draw bridge in Amsterdam.


A boat is passing the openened "Magere Brug" bridge in Amsterdam.

Statue of Jan Amos Comenius in Naarden, a town near Amsterdam. Comenius, who was born in Bohemia and who was buried in Naarden in 1670, played an important role in the development of education and protestantism. In the Czech Republic he's very well known. A visit to Naarden is common for Czech tourists who are visiting The Netherlands.
Chapel in the Comenius Museum in Naarden.