25th-29th of July 2013
Geocaching with Hans in the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

Winters fietskampeerweekend

9th & 10th of February 2013
Rondje fietsen met Sanne en Mieke vanaf Amsterdam. Vanaf Weesp begon het stevig te sneeuwen. Op 8 cm sneeuw hadden we niet gerekend, maar het landschap veranderde in een sprookjesachtig tafereel. De precieze plaats van de paalkampeerplek vlakbij Hilversum bleek tegen het begin van de avond onvindbaar dus hebben we maar wildgekampeerd op een steenworp afstand van die plek. Zondag scheen de zon waardoor de kou snel vergeten was. En na een gastvrije kop thee bij wereldfietser Frank zijn we weer op Amsterdam aangefietst.

Wereldfietser Carnavalstocht 2012

18th-19th of Februari 2012
Voor de tweede maal organiseerde Anneke de Carnavalstocht door het oost Brabantse land. Behoorlijk wisselvallig weer, maar toch overwegend goed: Zonnetje op het gezicht, ijs op de tent.

Wereldfietser Wintertrektocht 2012

13th - 15th of January 2012
De traditionele winterkampeertocht was dit jaar in Zuid Holland. Wederom georganiseerd door wereldfietster Anita. Het weer zat nogal mee voor een winterkampeertocht. Het was niet zo koud als vorig jaar en veel neerslag is er ook niet gevallen.

Fietsweekend Oudjaar 2011

30th of December 2011 - 1st of January 2012
Geen betere manier om het oude jaar te eindigen en het nieuwe te beginnen dan op de fiets. Met ongeveer 18 wereldfietsers hebben we oud en nieuw gevierd op en rond Staatsbosbeheer kampeerterrein Vlagberg in Sint Anthonis.

Sinterklaastocht 2011

3rd - 4th of December 2011
Met ongeveer 15 wereldfietsers hebben we vanaf Utrecht CS door het Gooi en Amsterdam naar Landsmeer gefietst. 's Avonds gezellig een Sinterklaas spel gespeeld. De nacht werd doorgebracht in de tent op camping 'Het Rietveen'. De volgende dag nog een rondje gefietst langs de Zaanse Schans, eindigend in Amsterdam.

Wereldfietser Najaarsweekend 2011

24th-25th of September 2011

Een grote groep wereldfietsers was aanwezig op het najaarsweekend, georganiseerd door Hetty en Lauran. Standplaats was natuurcamping "Landgoed De Wildert" in Bosschenhoofd.

Cycling Europe on a wooden bicycle

13th of June - 13th of July 2011

After participating in the WHPVA World Championship 2011, I used the same plywood bicycle to cycle back to The Netherlands. But not without visiting friends in Italy, Slovenia and Czech Republic of course ;-)

Scotland 2011: Walking the West Highland Way

17th of April - 28th of April 2011

HSL toertocht

20st of March 2011

WHPVA 2010 World Championship Jersey

28th - 30th of May 2010

The main destination of my cycling trip in May was the WHPVA 2010 World Championship at Jersey. Perfectly organised by Keith Davis and Sherri Donaldson, the event was a pleasure to visit and to participate in!

Trophée Kidam 2010 Paris

15th - 16th of May 2010

Tour Monte Rosa

1st - 14th of September 2009

Cycling England & Wales 2009

4th - 23rd of August 2009

Cycling from Germersheim (D) to Tilburg (NL)

30th of April - 7th of May 2007

SPEZI 2007: Special Bikes Show

28th and 29th of April 2007

Cycling from Prague (CZ) to Meppel (NL)

5th-19th of October 2006
From the suburbs of Prague, we cycled 1074 km to Meppel. We cycled on recumbents, an M5 28/26 and a Natrix2. The first half we cycled along the Elberadweg. Already from Lovosice in Czech Republic we started to cycle along the Elbe, which is called Labe in Czech. After leaving the Elbe in Magdeburg we chose our own route along friends in the north of Germany and The Netherlands.

Recumbent meeting Prague 2006

14th-17th of September 2006
For the fourth time a recumbent meeting was organised in Czech Republic. This year the event took place near Prague, on the campsite Válek in Chrustenice.

Cyclevision 2006

20th-21st of May 2005
For the second time the Cyclevision event was held at the race circuit in Zandvoort. Many companies exhibited their latest recumbents and also homebuilders were represented with their own stand. Both days there were races for recumbents, handbikes and even uprights.

Paastreffen 2006

14th - 17th of April 2006
The 'Paastreffen' ( Easter meeting ) is one of the bigger meetings of recumbent cyclists in The Netherlands. This year it was already the seventh time it was organised. About eighty cyclists from all over the country (and a few from abroad) came to the event.

Norway 2005

11th - 23rd of August 2005
A holiday in the south of Norway. We travelled along the south coast between Oslo and Stavanger. To keep it low budget, we had decided to do all travelling in Norway by hitchhiking and walking. The nights we spent by wild camping.

Carbon Recumbent Workshop 2005

31th of July - 6th of August 2005

Carbon recumbent building at Comp-Let in Senica (Slovak Republic). This workshop was a continuation of the workshop in 2004.

Cyclevision 2005

4th-5th of June 2005
This year the Cyclevision event was held for the first time at the race circuit in Zandvoort. Many companies exhibited their latest recumbents and also homebuilders were represented with their own stand. Both days there were races for recumbents, handbikes and even uprights.

Two Moors Way

April 2005
The Two Moors Way is a long distance walking trip in the south west of England. It crosses the Dartmoor and Exmoor National Park. It took us 8 days to walk the 166 km from Ivybridge to Lynmouth. The weather showed all its extremes during our trip: from blue skys with bright sun to dark ones from which fell snow and rain. We camped every night in our tent.

Formula Zero: Racing for the future

December 2004 - Februari 2005
Getting tired of being worried about the environment all the time? Well, here's some good news: A sustainable world can be fun to live in. FormulaZero is a very ambitious company who wants to give people a positive view on the future. In short: FUN + ECO = FUTURE. Idealistic? Yes, but also realistic. They're working hard to make it reality in the form of zero emission races. I got the chance to do an internship at FormulaZero and worked as a designer and prototype builder.

Carbon Recumbent Workshop 2004

August 2004
Carbon recumbent building; Comp-Let, Senica, Slovak Republic

Update April 2005
None of us have finished the bikes so far due to lack of time. The finishing is now scheduled for summer 2005.

Cycling from Delft (NL) to Mariembourg (B)

July 2004
A few days of cycling on our plywood recumbents in The Netherlands & Belgium.
Who can identify the kind of animal which ran almost through my tent in the middle of the night?

Lamination Course 2004

March 2004
To prepare ourselves for the Recumbent Building Workshop 2004 we went to the Slovak Republic to learn how to laminate composites.

Spaghetti Bridgebuilding Competition 2003

5th of November 2003
After a night of glueing we ended 3rd with the bridge and 2nd with a tower in the team building competition.
See for more info about the competition.

Plywood Recumbent Building workshop 2003

July 2003
In the summer of 2003 we built five wooden recumbents. We used 2 mm thin plywood and a 5 cm thick foam core. Thanks to Alligt Ligfietsen, we had a very suitable location in Den Bosch ( The Netherlands ) to build the bikes. Due to the fact that there were both Dutch and Czech participants, the workshop had an international atmosphere.

Cyclevision 2003

31th of May 2003
Recumbent event, Lelystad, The Netherlands

IO Techniek Workshop

18th - 20th of October 2002
The IO Techniek Workshop is a yearly event at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology. Teams of students have 2,5 days to build a robot capable of performing a certain task. This years task was to collect polystyrene blocks and build towers of them behind a threshold. Our team, Team Tang ( Sjaak Bloemberg, Gerard Pieter Gooiker, Niels Gutter, Antoine van der Heijden and Paddy Milford ), was quite successful and ended up 1st.

Cycling in Hungary and the Slovak & Czech Republic

August 2002
We planned a four weeks cycling trip across the Czech and Slovak Republic, Hungary and Romania.
Unfortunately we had to return back to the Czech Republic just before we entered Romania.

Mountainbike trip in the Czech Republic

May 2002
Mountainbike trip.

Canada & USA 2002

Feb-Mar 2002
Our university sent us to the Spaghetti Bridgebuilding Contest in Canada after we won the spaghetti bridge building contest organised by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology (see below). Being so far from home we took the opportunity to explore the west coast of North America after the contest ended.

Czech Republic 2001 / 2002

Dec-Jan 2002
My first visit to CZ. I went to visit my cycling friends which I met in Poland during my Baltic Sea cycling trip.


7th of December 2001
Ecological cooking course.

Rubber Workshop

25th of November 2001
Organized by Studium Generale Delft in cooperation with Flex Development.

Kunststoffe 01

26th of October 2001
Trade Fair for the plastics industry; Koelner Messe, Germany.

England & Scotland 2000

Summer 2000
1,5 weeks of cycling by mountainbike in the north of England & Scotland.

England 1998

Summer 1998
Walking The Dalesway & The Cumbria Way; Yorkshire Dales & Lake District.

France 1997

Summer 1997
Walking the GR10 in the Pyrenees. We walked from Bagnères-de-Luchon to Mérens-les-Vals. This was the second time I was in the Pyrenees to walk the GR10. In total I walked about half of the 850 km long traject.